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When will the FDA stand on Big Tobacco?

Many supporters of the food mistakenly believe that we just need to follow in the footsteps of movement for tobacco control, and then we will win. It is true; of course impressive progress has been made in reducing smoking rates in the United States. And the global tobacco treaty of the World Health Organization has a huge potential to save lives around the world. However, the public health crisis caused by tobacco remains quite serious.

Tea Party Exposed by Big Tobacco

Conventional wisdom holds that the Tea Party movement emerged as a result of grassroots anger against the government in 2009. We have known for some time that the real story is more complicated.

Europe in caves in the Big Tobacco

A few days before Christmas, the tobacco industry chalked up a small but significant victory. When the European Commission published a new anti-smoking plan on December 19, he walked away from the recommendations that cigarettes should be sold in plain packages. Mandatory pictorial warnings diseases will be introduced, but 30% of the surface area of ​​a box of cigarettes will be reserved for branding.

Big Tobacco suits

The Quebec Court of Appeal has sided with the federal gov. in a case pitting smokers against Big Tobacco, with words that the government is not on the hook in the class action suits. The decision dated on Wednesday, repeats the principal what the Supreme Court of Canadian ruled in July 2011, Ottawa can not be used or heald for damages in smoking lawsuit.

Tobacco manufacture attract smokers

Lung cancer rates have surged in woman after tobacco manufacture, encouraged them to smoke for staying slim and beautiful, experts say.

Big Tobacco has many support systems

Call it addition by subtraction. The fight against smoking would be closer to victory, if our provincial government ended their dependence on tobacco taxes and lawsuits against Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco Companies

U.S. tobacco companies told a federal judge on Monday they should not be required to tell the public they manipulated nicotine to make cigarettes more addictive or that they have repeatedly lied about the health effects of light cigarettes.

Big Tobacco

Of course, we’re being far too tough on Big Tobacco, as so many contemptuous refer to it, after the failure of its high court challenge to the plain packaging legislation. If we just open our minds to the fact that British American Tobacco and others are saying, we can see how amazing they are public spirited.

Big Tobacco vs rules New Zealands rules

A multinational cigarette company began an aggressive cigarette fightback against laws and prices to get people to quit the habit. A series of tax increase – with more on the way – has made New Zealand cigarettes among the most expensive in the OECD countries.