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New ban tobacco smokers does not breathe

On the day students return to campus in January of this year from the winter break, the air is fresh, clean and crisp. The campus will be completely tobacco-free because of the ban, and I’ll be smoking across the street.

All tobacco ban in Ohio

The chairman of the Ohio Board of Regents said he was surprised by the lack of response is bad so far, its proposal was accepted unanimously on Monday urging the public colleges and universities to ban all tobacco from their campuses.

Tobacco ban on public property

A new tobacco ban came into force in the division on Sunday. The policy of any bar for smoking or using any other tobacco products anywhere on campus, including sporting events.
Last year, Kimberly Swiglo could not enter into the building of the University of Oklahoma, do not walk through the cigarette smoke.

Local Tobacco-Free Parks

In recognition of the impact Butts Day March 21 Chippewa County Health Department, the Su-Tribe Community Gant conversion project, and the Su-Tribe Community Health program, the partners Chippewa County Tobacco-Free Living Coalition united to highlight tobacco-free parks policy in Chippewa County and Su-Tribe seven county service area.

CSUF first CSU to implement the smoking ban

Cal State Fullerton will be the first University of California to ban smoking on campus, after the new policy will come into force on 1 August 2013. CSUF will initiate the charge before the entire campus of the University of California to make a push for mandatory smoking ban since 2014.

Campus smoking ban sparks debate

Efforts by the university in line with the new anti-smoking requirements from their suppliers of funds caused a controversy, which areas of UT such a policy can affect.

New smoking ban

The ban on smoking in Alexandria bars began the first day of New Year, and anti-smoking crusaders have touted the health benefits, as a sufficient reason for Lafayette to become the second largest city in Louisiana to ban smoking in drinking establishments.

New NCTC rules ban tobacco products

Students, faculty and staff returning to North Central Texas College in January will no longer be allowed to use tobacco products on campus.

Mountain View may ban smoking

If you like to duck outside for a smoke break at work or enjoy a cigar after an evening meal, Mountain View may not be the place for you.