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UNC receives grants from the NIH and FDA to establish tobacco control centres

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received two separate grants from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today in the ongoing inter-agency partnerships. UNC will accommodate two 14 Tobacco control centers of science (TCORS), which is obtained by a total of up to $ 53 million tobacco-related research in fiscal year 2013.

Man takes on Big Tobacco in lawsuit

“My breathing is difficult, when I do any work on the house,” the state-deposition. “If I mop the floor, if I sweep, vacuum if I, if I will go down. Changing the sheets on my bed I get really out of breath. I stopped doing a lot of things I used to do.” In a recent deposition, Rizzuto said he continues to suffer from a “severe” COPD.

Children who chew tobacco often smoke too

About one in 20 middle and high scholars who use the “chewing gum”, snuff, or other smokeless tobacco usually add it to their cigarette habit, the study showed resistance to the idea of a less harmful smoking replacement.

David Cameron urged to examine the claim

Labour has urged David Cameron to investigate claims that the contract, which his campaign strategist, Lynton Crosby, signed to provide a cigarette company Philip Morris International with lobbying services, could cost as much as £ 6 million.

Local Control of Tobacco Regulation

Last month, Governor Mary Fallin has announced her plans to support an initiative petition in 2014 to change the way tobacco is regulated in Oklahoma.

Lawyers insist on Tobacco Control

Is there a better time than the weekend after Thanksgiving to start making that list to get healthier? Obviously, counting calories and portion control should go to the list. And more exercise.

Tobacco‘sin tax’ bill

About 3 thousand tobacco farmers, street vendors and cigarette factory workers protested in the front of Senate building in Pasay City to protest the propose “sin tax” which would rise cigarette tax and alcohol products.

Countries to report illegal tobacco trade in the global treaty

Today, government delegates from around the world have taken illicit trade protocol global tobacco treaty – the world’s first public health and corporate accountability treaty – but not without a fight from Big Tobacco.

Tobacco control: the sad story of neglect

Government officials working in the field of tobacco control produced a rosy picture for submission to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which is scheduled for the next hearing. Sue motto notice taken in view of the sluggish implementation of tobacco control decree, reliable sources informed “The News.”