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In the 2011 annual report of the U.S. Department of Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes and Trade Bureau (TTB) published earlier this year, emphasizes the many benefits achieved by the new resolution on the website of the Bureau of the system, based on the technology of e-government solutions leader Accela, Inc a full report, available on, details of how the new system allowed TTB to cost-effectively fulfill their mandates – in spite of the reduction of staff and high rates of alcohol beverage producer and wholesaler permit application.

With approximately 500 employees, TTB is responsible for providing and administering laws relating to the manufacture, distribution or use of alcohol and tobacco products. Alcohol-related companies wishing to work on the retail trade must apply with the Cincinnati-based National Center TTB revenue (NRC), which was the main beneficiary of the permit system on the site. TTB also issues permits for tobacco manufacturers, importers and export warehouses, while the firearms and ammunition companies also need to be registered before the TTB duty-free sales.

According to the TTB 2011 Annual Report, the load of processing permits increased by 56 percent to run the system, and the bureau began to assess the 90-day turnover time for the initial application, the resolution by the end of fiscal 2011, compared to 65 days in fiscal year 2010, if the main steps were taken.

The transition from paper-degree system, TTB last year deployed Accela Automation (R) enterprise software as a basis for resolution of the Internet, combined with the use of satellite Accela Citizen Access (TM) online application portal. Significant features of the system include online self-registration, self-control application state, and electronically managed care in the application process. Built-in self-help tips and instructions on every step of the application process also ensure that applications achieve TTB specialists completed correctly and contain all the necessary documents.

According to the 2011 Annual Report, the impact of the first two releases, permissions on the site are substantial. The annual report noted that strategic investments in the TTB permit on the site is crucial to improve the performance for a program that performs an important role in protecting consumer rights and to support economic recovery. “Do not act on the delay in issuing a permit would put TTB in an anti-business posture at a time when job creation and competitiveness of the United States abroad, the National Priorities” report read. “New business is allowed TTB mostly small businesses [that] contribute to jobs at the local level and improve the competitiveness of America in the global market.”

Accela CEO and President Maury Blackman praised the results in the TTB. “Federal agencies like TTB to perform vital functions that benefit consumers and the economy,” said, Blackman. “We are proud to Accela advanced technology – with great success using hundreds of state and municipal institutions -. Help TTB more effectively carry out their important mission,”

Accela permitting Internet-based system was deployed with the assistance of the Federal ePermits, a joint venture between Washington TechGlobal, Inc and Peak Technology Solutions, Inc Thanks to its exceptional work on the draft resolutions on the website of the Federal Department of ePermits received from the Treasury, “Small Business Prime Contractor” for 2011 year.

About TTB headquarters in Washington, TTB operates major facilities in Ohio (NRC), Maryland, and California. TTB also supports substantial mobile workers across the country. TTB’s mission is to collect federal taxes on alcohol, tobacco, weapons, ammunition and food and to protect consumers from unsafe alcohol or improperly labeled products. In addition, the role of TTB in the permitting and regulating alcohol and tobacco industry provides a fair market, expanding trade opportunities and equal conditions for the legitimate industry. For more information on TTB services can be found at:

About Accela Accela, Inc is a leading supplier of mobile, web and cloud applications, making government easier, faster and more accessible to local, state and federal agencies, employees and the citizens they serve. Flagship product, Accela Automation, deploy hundreds of governments of all sizes, as an integrated solution for automating critical tasks associated with permitting, licensing, code enforcement, community development and planning, inspections and investigations, management of infrastructure assets, emergencies, and much more. Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California with international offices in Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Further information can be found at:

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