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Child labor in the tobacco fields

International Labor Organization said that last year, it affected the output of some 1,600 children from hazardous child labor.

The tobacco of sin tax bill

British American Tobacco insists on the House of Representatives approved version of the Sin Tax Reform Bill that would provide additional revenue of P31.35 billion in the first year of implementation.

How And Why To Quit Smoking

Cigarette, cigar, and pipe-smoking are so debilitating that the immediate cessation of the habit is always
the first step of any program to improve one’s health – even more important than vitamins, diet, or exercise.

Cigarettes Are Enlisted to Test Ways of Quitting

When a truck recently delivered 45,000 cartons of cigarettes to a research company in North Carolina, it was a turning point in the government’s war on smoking.

What would happen if Americans stopped smoking?

The number of New Yorkers who smoke dropped to an all-time low of 14 percent this year, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced late last NY smoking banweek. That’s down from 22 percent in 2002 and translates into 450,000 fewer adult New Yorkers who smoke than did a decade ago.

Quit Smoking to Enjoy Sex Life!

A new study suggests that for firmer, faster erections, men should quit smoking. The researchers found that men who successfully lifekicked cigarettes had thicker, more rigid erections and reached maximal arousal five times faster than smokers who relapsed.

Graphic Labels May Not Discourage Smoking

Cigarette packages carrying images such as diseased lungs and oxygen masks may not discourage smoking, according to a report released by graphic cigarettes warningU.S. regulators.

Fruit and vegetables do not reduce overall cancer risk

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables will do little to reduce your risk of developing cancer, according to a review of a decade of fruit marketresearch involving more than a million people. It concluded that maintaining a healthy weight and cutting down on smoking and drinking are far better ways to ward off the disease.

NYC tapes illegal cig sales on reservation

NEW YORK – New York City investigators secretly videotaped cigarette dealers on a Long Island Indian reservation illegally selling untaxed smokes for re-sale at city bodegas, officials said Thursday.