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FDA Stopped the Sale of Four Cigarette Brands

The Food and Drug Administration stopped the sale of four cigarette brands these days, declaring that merchants will have to remove them off the shelves and informing the manufacturer, R.J. Reynolds that they are not allowed to sell them any further.

Tobacco health labels constitutional

A U.S. law requires large graphic warnings on cigarette packages and advertising does not violate free speech rights of tobacco companies, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday.

Tobacco industry relying on movies for brand promotion

The tobacco industry is increasingly leaning on movies for the promotion of its business in India and several other countries following the ban on tobacco advertising, the WHO has warned.

Tobacco bonding pros and cons

Tobacco bonding has pros and cons. Securitization allows cash-strapped states to use the tobacco dollars right away, rather than wait for smaller payments spread over a number of years. The flip side is that the interest a state must pay investors who buy the bonds can really add up. In the end, a state may end up with a fraction of the money it otherwise would have received over the long term.

Despite warnings it appears smoking is still the fashion

A RASH of fashion images depicting models smoking or holding cigarettes or cigars is being investigated for possible breaches of the smoking modelTobacco Advertising Prohibition Act.

FDA reveals new labels required on packages, ads

Cigarette packages will soon be splashed with horror-movie-style warning labels showing corpses, diseased lungs, and rotted teeth, which were among nine new images unveiled yesterday by the Food and Drug Administration. By September 2012, cigarette manufacturers will be required to place these images across the top half of every pack, with large-type warnings such as “smoking can kill you’’ and “cigarettes are addictive.’’

Teens Highly Susceptible to Tobacco Advertising

Every year the tobacco industry spends literally, billions of dollars on promotion, sponsorship and advertising. Tobacco advertising increases teen smokerstobacco consumption. Teens are at especially high risk of starting to smoke product advertisements and viewing such ads alone is guaranteed to start more youths on this habit.

R.J. Reynolds Uses Austin Name and Images to Market Camel Cigarettes to Kids

camel break adventure

State ask RJ Reynolds to stop Camel cigarette marketing campaign

The National Association of Attorneys General is trying to snuff out the latest edgy marketing campaign for Camel camel seattle advertising campaigncigarettes.