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Philip Morris International Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Switzerland

Philip Morris International (PMI) these days has celebrated the 50th anniversary of Philip Morris Products at its manufacturing plant in Serrieres, Neuchatel, Switzerland, in the course of the event where local representatives from Neuchatel and Vaud were present.

Altria Best Choice for Long-Term Investor

For those investors who are currently looking for regularity, Altria Group has been certainly one of the best choices for long-term portfolios. Regardless of all the obstacles the tobacco leader has encountered, Altria has offered strong earnings while staying away from much of the volatility that other industry participants have experienced.

Philip Morris – Petra Limited Edition

Petra cigarettes Limited Edition
Philip Morris International in the Czech Republic began in 1987 when PMI granted a license to produce Marlboro to the Czechoslovakian tobacco industry, a predecessor of the state-owned company Tabák, a.s. In 1992, Philip Morris International acquired a majority-share in Tabák, a.s. Today they are the largest manufacturer of tobacco products in the Czech Republic and are listed on the Prague Stock Exchange.



Five former Fine Gael assistants working for tobacco industry

At least five former Fine Gael aides are working as public relations consultant for the tobacco industry in Ireland, the UK and Brussels.
The industry has increased its lobbying not only on the issue of cigarette smuggling, but also in response to the plans by the EU and national governments to tighten controls on tobacco products.

Tobacco board keeps his bargain till the end

One part of the financing plan created in spring of this year, in addition to the state’s ability to pay its share of a new Vikings stadium, appears to be coming about as expected.
A one-time tax on cigarettes will yield $ 26.5million for the stadium and about $ 4 million more for the general fund, the state Revenue Department said on Tuesday.

Tobacco brands are feeling the pain of plain package

In a part that first appeared on the conversation Sunanda Creagh, and Alex Attwood said plain packaging of tobacco products is associated with lower smoking appeal, enormous support of the policy and greater urgency to quit among adult smokers.
Since last year, cigarettes in Australia are sold in packages without the stigma that have large graphic health warnings with new information messages and confronting images.

Across the country, the tobacco crops wilt from rain

Jason Elliot had one of his best stands to grow burley tobacco until the rains started. Five days and seven inches of rain later, about a quarter of his crop was destroyed, cutting thousands of dollars from his salary when he drags his leaf on the market for several months.
All tobacco fields were wet country, and without a good stretch of dry weather in the coming weeks, Elliott predicament can play many times. In Kentucky alone, the second leading producer countries, the death toll could hit as much as $ 100 million if the crop does not rebound. More than half of the crop top producer of North Carolina is in danger.
It threatens to be the final blow to the agriculture sector, which experienced a sluggish prices, higher production costs and uncertain markets due to smoking bans.

The rainfall is not good for tobacco

Some manufacturers can expect a “fair crop at best”
Tobacco throughout the state are going to end, wet start as rains continued last week and usually dry weather crop is trying to cope with excessive rainfall.