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Combine tobacco tax hike with effort to get rid of low-cost cigarettes

Missouri hospital executives who lost a long-simmering lawsuit against tobacco companies last month shouldn’t fret over the potential loss of more than $455 million in civil damages.

Statewide smoking ban possible in ’11 session

Most people agree crafting a budget will be the biggest hurdle for lawmakers as they return to the Capitol this week, but they also will have several other issues, including immigration reform and a statewide smoking ban, that could heat up the 2011 session.

A loophole in Oregon law contributes to an increase in the popularity of tobacco use

Oregon law prohibits smoking in most public places and workplaces as well as within 10 feet of their entrances, exits, open windows and air intake vents. That ban, along with public education about the dangers of tobacco use, appears to have been effective in reducing the number of people in the state who smoke to well below the national average.

The Jubilee House For A Museum; What Are We Smoking?

Voice Of Reason:Obama today

Tobacco additives issue set to take world stage

Lexington, KY – The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Switzerland headquarters is a far distance from the tobacco fields of tobacco plantKentucky, but the agency is casting a long shadow over those fields as it prepares to pass guidelines that could affect cigarette content and interrupt a centuries-old industry.

The World’s Richest Man’s New Mansion

If you stand on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and look across the street, you’ll have a small chance of glimpsing the world’s richest person.

A Look at Japanese Folk Tobacciana

When Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy sailed into Uraga harbor, near present-day Tokyo, in 1853, he was ald japan tobaccodetermined to force Japan to open its ports and begin trading with the U.S., whether it wanted to or not. Fearful of foreign influences but more fearful of American firepower, the Tokugawa Shogunate reluctantly signed a treaty in 1854, and Japan resumed its love-hate affair with the West. But there was one gift from the West that Japan had already happily embraced. Japan adored tobacco. Japan loved to smoke. And when Japan takes to something, whether it is cars, cameras, or tobacco, it makes it wholly its own.

Is the ban on smoking in public still in place?

Between May 1st 2008 and June 1st of the same year, the federal capital territory authority embarked on what some termed an energetic mass oriented campaign, aimed at educating the residents on the ills of smoking and its attendant effects on the society. It was to serve as a precursor to the eventual ban on smoking in public places, a move which expectedly heralded its own unique brand of controversy. While many Abuja residents welcomed the move as timely, not a few others viewed it as a direct attack on their rights and privileges as residents of the capital city.

Oil Hearings Nothing Compared to Tobacco Hearings on the Hill

Today’s congressional hearings, when the major oil company executives will face the public’s wrath about the BP oil spill, are being compared by some to the hearings on April 14, 1994 when the executives of the seven major cigarette makers testified before Congress about their policies. But the problem under scrutiny today is just a drop in the bucket compared to that caused by smoking, suggests Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), America’s first antismoking organization.