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Could e-cigarettes be banned from luggage on planes?


UNC receives grants from the NIH and FDA to establish tobacco control centres

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received two separate grants from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today in the ongoing inter-agency partnerships. UNC will accommodate two 14 Tobacco control centers of science (TCORS), which is obtained by a total of up to $ 53 million tobacco-related research in fiscal year 2013.

FDA opens the “historical” period to regulate tobacco

Four years after Congress gave him the authority to regulate tobacco products to protect the health of the nation, the Food and Drug Administration issued the first slate of decisions affecting the market for tobacco products, by adopting two new products and rejecting four.
The agency on Tuesday gave Lorillard Tobacco Co. the green light to market two new proposals cigarette offerings – and menthol version of its brand Newport – Newport finding Non-Menthol 100s gold box and Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box “do not raise different questions of public health,” than their counterparts that are already on the market.

Local Control of Tobacco Regulation

Last month, Governor Mary Fallin has announced her plans to support an initiative petition in 2014 to change the way tobacco is regulated in Oklahoma.

Reynolds American touts efforts to “transform tobacco”

Reynolds American Inc. says its focus on innovation and the development of new product will allow the company to remain competitive in the face of declining smoking rates.

Campus considers going without tobacco

College when some smokers start the habit for life, but those who attend university, may soon have to take up the habit in another place.

New rules for tobacco dealers

Elders created additional hoop for future tobacco dealers to jump through, gave the city center bar owner permission to sell take-out beer and spirits, and expressed concern about the treatment of old street festival.

Tax hike to reduce tobacco use

Giant federal tobacco tax hike spurred historic drop in smoking, especially among teenagers, the poor, and those who depend on public health insurance, USA TODAY analysis finds.

Tobacco farmers are ignoring chances

When Roger Bock began trading business in the 1990s, the tobacco trade in Harare, the floors was quiet places, except for the melodious sound of the auctioneer.