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Tobacco giants quietly slip into emerging Myanmar market

As some of the largest companies in the world trumpeting their arrival in the hot market of the border of Asia, the tobacco industry has a different strategy: it slips into Myanmar without fanfare.

Redford is furious at the conflict of interest allegations tobacco lawsuit

Premier Alison Redford angry, indignant opposition and accusations of conflict of interest, provided that the ingredients for emotional day at the Alberta legislative environment. Hostility reached its peak in the question period, when Wildrose and NDP leaders accuse Redford political patronage over the awarding of a lucrative contract with the law firm that employs her former husband.

Higher excise duty on tobacco affects farmers

Do not kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Tobacco farmers are ignoring chances

When Roger Bock began trading business in the 1990s, the tobacco trade in Harare, the floors was quiet places, except for the melodious sound of the auctioneer.

Big Tobacco vs rules New Zealands rules

A multinational cigarette company began an aggressive cigarette fightback against laws and prices to get people to quit the habit. A series of tax increase – with more on the way – has made New Zealand cigarettes among the most expensive in the OECD countries.

Local Tobacco-Free Parks

In recognition of the impact Butts Day March 21 Chippewa County Health Department, the Su-Tribe Community Gant conversion project, and the Su-Tribe Community Health program, the partners Chippewa County Tobacco-Free Living Coalition united to highlight tobacco-free parks policy in Chippewa County and Su-Tribe seven county service area.

Current Tobacco Rules

A local university doesn’t plan on completely banning the use of tobacco on its territory – at least for now.

Dublin council favors severe restrictions on tobacco sales

Dublin is considering changes that could make the most of the stores to stop selling tobacco for three years. If approved, it will be one of the most stringent local tobacco sales laws in the state. Most California cities have no local zoning rules ban sales of tobacco products in certain areas.

North Carolina Prevention Partners recognizes FirstHealth hospitals

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