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Norfolk Pension Fund £44m tobacco investments

Managers of a pension fund for thousands of Norfolk County Council employees are recommending they continue investing in tobacco companies, although the power to take responsibility for the health of the population from next year.

Budget 2012: Tobacco set to get dearer

Price of tobacco products may be a growth in the near future. The Union Ministry of Health wrote to all States to either tax or an increase in VAT on all tobacco products – cigarettes, beedis, smokeless tobacco (gutka and pan masala), tobacco and tobacco leaves.

Missouri Gets Tobacco ‘F’ Grade

I remember going into a nightclub in California several years ago, when the smoking ban had recently been put in place.

Tobacco on the court

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists and experts gathered tobacco policy for the study of potential health risks and benefits of soluble tobacco products.

Tobacco compliance check rates

When it comes to turning down minors who are trying to buy tobacco, being better than average isn’t good enough for manager Nikki Dauk.
The family business, West Acres All-Stop Service Center, where Dauk has worked since she was 16, has failed four of its 46 tobacco compliance checks since 1996, for a compliance rate of 91.3% – almost 2% higher than the overall average among Fargo retailers.
However, for Dauk, it burns.

Investors and tobacco farmers

Legislator on the Committee of Agriculture yesterday ordered police to arrest two investors, whom they accuse of fraud tobacco produce in the country.

Lewis: Tobacco heir still battling his legacy

Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco magnate, R.J. Reynolds, says no price increase, no tax increase, will release tobacco’s addictive grip altogether.

Iran deal may help AP tobacco ryots

n what could come as a morale-booster for the tobacco growers and traders, Iran has invited tenders for importing tobacco from India.

Obama Scolds Tobacco Companies Over Labeling

President Barack Obama scolded tobacco companies Thursday for trying to block health warning labels on cigarettes, a product the world leader himself only recently quit using.