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Tobacco giants quietly slip into emerging Myanmar market

As some of the largest companies in the world trumpeting their arrival in the hot market of the border of Asia, the tobacco industry has a different strategy: it slips into Myanmar without fanfare.

Tobacco board keeps his bargain till the end

One part of the financing plan created in spring of this year, in addition to the state’s ability to pay its share of a new Vikings stadium, appears to be coming about as expected.
A one-time tax on cigarettes will yield $ 26.5million for the stadium and about $ 4 million more for the general fund, the state Revenue Department said on Tuesday.

Wisconsin manufacturers give Maryland to try tobacco

Larry Oberdeck stood in his 3 acres of tobacco fields to the west of Edgerton, Wis., last week, checking his crop ripening.
He looked at his Wisconsin-flowering variety of plants, with their high, deep green leaves were prone under dusty-pink flowers. This kind of tobacco – loose-leaf chewing tobacco – that Oberdeck and other producers were to increase the area for decades.
Nevertheless, this was mixed with that occur entirely different species of tobacco. He has a broad, hanging leaves, velvety to the touch. It’s squat — about half the height of Wisconsin tobacco.

Children who chew tobacco often smoke too

About one in 20 middle and high scholars who use the “chewing gum”, snuff, or other smokeless tobacco usually add it to their cigarette habit, the study showed resistance to the idea of a less harmful smoking replacement.

Louisiana Return market beating tobacco bonds

Louisiana is refinancing of $ 638 million in bonds backed by payments tobacco companies such as debt beats broad $ 3.7 trillion Muni market this year.
This week’s sale by the Tobacco Funding Corporation, which is the return of the securities sold in 2001, based on revenues from 1998 settlement between tobacco companies and USA state to cover medical costs associated with smoking.

LT group of banks on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, to stimulate growth

Conglomerate LT Group Inc. is betting on market leadership in its core business of tobacco and alcoholic beverages for further growth, its top executive said yesterday.

Hartington Teen and Tobacco myths

Addison Peitz went to New York, but she didn’t play tourist.
Instead, she protested.

Lawyers condemn tobacco exhibition

Local authorities to improve the health and medical experts Tuesday accused the tobacco museum in the Yangpu District of being a giant advertisement for the tobacco industry, and demanded that the government cancel his honor, as a place to take students to the patriotic education of youth.

British American Tobacco in Russia to pay extra taxes

International Tobacco Marketing services (MUMT trader from British American Tobacco in Russia) sought last April to reverse the decision taken by an Interregional Inspection of large taxpayers.