Caution of tobacco tax in California

Over the past few years, in favor of higher taxes on the sin of trying to appease the Idaho Legislature increased the tax on cigarettes, arguing that such growth is wildly popular among the electorate. This is a trick that the American Cancer Society tried to legislative last winter.

Voters in California, of all places, rejected the proposal 29, which would raise the cigarette tax to the state of 115%. Slightly more than half of California voters oppose the idea, even if the tax increase by $ 1.87 per pack was exposed to the benefit of income that would funnel as much as $ 735 million cancer research, smoking cessation programs and law enforcement agencies.

The defeat is even more amazing when you consider the election in March, which showed that a qualified majority of California voters were willing to cast their “yes” vote for Prop 29.

Part of this stems from the fact that it is very easy to make a pro-tax increase poll, where voters are asked, “How would you like to raise taxes on the (insert name of someone else here) to solve the problems of this list?”

The result is almost amazing glowing. Most people do not smoke, so a tax increase, which appears to me the benefit at the expense of everyone else, seems to be easy to win.

But Californians were some clarity of mind on the subject: Yes, a tax increase will cause a lot of money but the money just to find its way into one or more government bureaucracy.

Cancer research is enormous, with the federal government spending as much as $ 6 billion a year on such programs. Smoking cessation programs already in place, with millions going to them.

And smokers are smart. Did not they just go somewhere to smoke, where taxes are lower or nonexistent? They are, and what they do.

And really, what is the promise of barrels of money to service a wide range of good deeds? Mostly smoke, as evidenced by recent research on the subject.

In 2009 the federal government increased excise taxes on smoking in order to finance the expansion of State Children’s Health Insurance Program. But the responsibility of the U.S. government has shown that raising taxes does not give the money was to be expected. This means that the costs of such programs are transferred to other taxpayers.

In case the federal government budget deficit would balloon, the shift to the children and grandchildren of the taxpayers.

Here in Idaho, even politicians who favor higher taxes on tobacco products, face the same questions California voters staged, and very few answers.

The main reason for any tax on income is for certain public purposes. Proponents of higher taxes on cigarettes just can not give a good story that additional funds will be used. Each person knows that the money will be used for government growing and nobody can guarantee that the revenues derived from tax increase that can lead and actually maintaining tax bureaucracy.

Even worse is that the tax will lead to fewer jobs, and Idaho, there is little effect of consumption of smokers are finding ways to avoid higher tax rates. California voters have realized this, and the vote should make Idaho lawmakers want to run as far as possible from the tobacco tax increase.

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