Dipping tobacco

Dipping tobacco, also known as moist snuff or spit tobacco, is a form of smokeless tobacco. It is commonly referred to as dip while the act of using it is called dipping, having a dip, packing a lip, packing a dip, throwing in a “chris pronger” or throwing one in. Chewing tobacco is often associated with this family of products.

Dip is sometimes mistakenly called “chew”; because of this, it is commonly confused with chewing tobacco. It is a version of the Swedish “snus” that was brought to America by Swedish immigrants in the 19th century. Instead of literally chewing on online tobacco, a small clump of dip is ‘pinched’ out of the tin and placed between the lower or upper lip and gums. The dip rests on the inside lining of the mouth for approximately 30 minutes to an hour

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