Daily Archives: March 6, 2009

Raise taxes, lower revenue

An odd thing happened the last time New Jersey raised its cigarette tax: It lost money.

Marlboro price raised

Altria Group Inc is raising the price of Marlboro and other cigarettes by 71 cents to 81 cents per pack and is lowering the cost of the high-end smokeless tobacco brands it recently acquired.

Electronic cigarettes are illegal

Electronic cigarettes are an unregistered pharmaceutical product and it is illegal for the public to possess them, the Health Department warns.

House panel passes tobacco regulation

A House panel passed a sweeping tobacco regulation bill Wednesday, putting it on pace for passage by the full House far earlier in the congressional session than last year.

Japan Recommend Smoking Ban in Hospitals and on public transport

Japan’s health ministry will recommend smoking be banned in hospitals and on public transport, the Yomiuri newspaper said, without citing anyone.

Altria raising price of cigarettes

Altria Group Inc., the largest U.S. tobacco company, will raise prices on Marlboro and 17 brands on March 9 ahead of an increase in federal tobacco excise taxes.

Smoking ban for South Dakota

Several senators switched their votes Wednesday on a controversial smoking ban, paving the way for South Dakota to join a growing list of states that ban smoking in virtually all businesses.