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Cigarette Tax Hike Would Make People Give up Smoking

When you were thinking about smoking discount cigarettes two years ago, I bet you thought only of health complications that are related with smoking. Nowadays the first thought that will come across a smoker’s mind after new bill comes into effect would be the huge price of cigarettes.
In compliance with the bill recently signed by President Obama, federal cigarette tax will increase up to 62cents per a single pack when it comes into effect on April 1. That will get the nation’s average cost of a pack of cigarettes to almost $5. And it would definitely hit smokers’ pockets being the main reason for thousands of heavy smokers to kick their habit.

Influence of smoking on Pregnant Women

When you find out that you are pregnant, it is high time to start thinking not only about yourself but as well about a baby that is inside you. So at this point it is extremely important to give up several practices and smoking can be found in this list. It is scientifically proved that women who did not give up smoking discount cigarettes during pregnancy giving to a stillborn or premature born baby, having a miscarriage, and many other problems. Smoking during pregnancy also can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS that leads to abrupt death of absolutely healthy child.
The long list of risks caused by smoking during pregnancy can be continued with a wide range of complications concerning pregnancy as vaginal bleeding, colicky abdominal pains, and premature rupture of membranes.
If a woman smokes during pregnancy, it contributes to the reduce of the supply of oxygen to the baby and also hampers the imbibition of group B and C vitamins and folic acid. Lack of folic acid might cause multiply fractions in the neural tube. In addition, nicotine reduces source of nutrients for the baby as result of enhancement of blood pressure and blood vessel contraction.
The majority of pregnant women easily give up smoking during the first trimester, since exactly in this period they face pregnancy toxemia which contributes to dramatic repugnance to cigarette fume and odor. Giving up smoking at the first trimester diminishes the possibility of miscarriage; it also reduces the possibility of the baby’s maldevelopment.
If a woman did not manage to cope with nicotine addiction and could not give up smoking during the first trimester of pregnancy, there is one thing that could largely help her baby – double reduction in the number of cigarettes she is smoking.
And namely this solution can increase the possibility of giving birth to a healthy baby, if a pregnant woman quits smoking during her third trimester of pregnancy, since there is a direct relation between smoking and improper fetal growth and development. Baby’s birth-weight decline is closely linked to the number of cigarettes the mother smokes. who at this stage still have the chance to prevent the possibility of stillbirth or losing the baby due to SIDS.
Thus there is only one conclusion that can be made after getting to know that you are pregnant – Giving up smoking in the early stages can largely contribute to the birth of a healthy child. However, it is scientifically proved that it is better for women to prior to becoming pregnant.

Buddhist temples target smoking

An increasing number of famous temples that attract large numbers of visitors have banned smoking throughout their premises, echoing antismoking measures adopted by public facilities in recent years.

The Winfield chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars battles ban on smoking

Winfield City will soon have a legal fight on its hands. The Winfield chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars made good on a promise to challenge the city commission’s Nov. 3, 2008, decision to ban smoking in all public places in the city, including private clubs, with a lawsuit, according to Winfield City Attorney Bill Muret.

Board wants more powers

If some county commissioners get their way, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners rather than the county Board of Health could one day make decisions on where to allow smoking or how to regulate lead in housing.

No Tobacco Use

Health ministers made a declaration on tobacco control in Africa the continent yesterday in Yaounde.
A lot is still undone as regards tobacco control in Africa. Statistics indicate that 25 per cent of youths are tobacco consumers in Africa. Dr Luis Sambo, World Health Organisation (WHO), Regional Director for Africa says tobacco users suffer from chronic diseases and the public at large deserves protection from secondary inhalation.

Beijing Hospitals Begin To Control Smoking

From now until the end of January 2010, 2,800 clinicians from seven hospitals in Beijing will work on controlling their cigarette smoking.

FDA Regulation of Tobacco

What has seemed inevitable for several years drew a step closer to reality this week as a House committee approved legislation that would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulatory control over tobacco products. We are generally skeptical about expanding government regulation, and we have been ardent foes of tobacco laws that restrict property rights — such as the restaurant smoking ban recently passed in Virginia. Still, the tobacco regulation bill, similar to one that passed the full House last year, is for the most part reasonable and harmless.