Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Calls to quit smoking up since tax hike

A dramatic increase in the number of calls to a smoking cessation hotline since a nearly $86 million increase in state tobacco taxes went into effect has the state Health Department close to running out of money to run the operation.

NC senators propose tougher tobacco restrictions

North Carolina’s two U.S. senators are proposing tougher restrictions on cigarette advertising and labeling in an attempt to sway Congress not to pass a bill that could be even harder on the state’s tobacco industry.

Humans worsen ‘trash travels’

Next time you toss that cigarette butt out the window, consider it probably will make its way to a storm drains.

Liberty mayor breaks tie to pass a smoking ban

Liberty Mayor Bob Steinkamp had to cast the tie-breaking vote Monday night to get city council approval of his ordinance to ban smoking.

NJ considers smoking ban for Atlantic City casinos

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey is considering a ban on smoking in all of Atlantic City’s 11 casinos — something the city itself has been unable to impose.

Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance Blocking Global Treaty On Smoking

The tobacco industry in Southeast Asia is systematically obstructing implementation of a global treaty on curbing smoking and tobacco use, a regional advocacy network warned today.

Street children spend far more on tobacco than on nutritious food

These children spend more each month on snuff, mava, gutka and cigarettes than on meat, almost as much for khaini as for milk, and more for all forms of tobacco except masheri than on fruit or eggs,” said the survey ‘Choosing Tobacco over Food: Daily Struggles for Existence among the Street Children of Mumbai’.