Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Britons ‘in denial’ over heart risk from obesity and smoking

Britons at high risk of heart attack are ‘in denial’ and ignoring doctors’ advice to change their lifestyle, says a new survey.

The academic ban on tobacco scientists

Every self-respecting research laboratory has its cabinet of wonders – state-of-the-art equipment, lethal chemicals, animal and human body parts unknown to ordinary people – but the collection at Marianna Gaca’s lab outshines most. In suburban Southampton, a couple of miles from where she received her PhD in biology at Southampton University nine years ago, Gaca has a set of kit at her disposal today that would be the envy of her former professors, as well as of scientists at most university biology labs or even biotech companies.

Vermont’s lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds tobacco

R.J. Reynolds Inc. promoted its Eclipse cigarette as safer than other brands without the science to back up the claim as part of a strategy to keep people hooked on smoking, a lawyer for the state said Wednesday.