Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Smoking ban dead

Joe Camel claimed victory Wednesday night as the second central Kenai Peninsula city in as many weeks failed to introduce its own proposed ban on smoking cigarettes in all public places including saloons.

E-Cigarettes Under Attack

With the number of people wanting to quit smoking cigarettes, it seems surprising that the Food And Drug Administration and World Health Organization attack one of the best ideas yet: the electronic cigarette.

Close relationships can affect smoking

Health-compromising behaviors, such as smoking or weight gain, may persist because they preserve stability in a close relationship, U.S. researchers said.

New legislation about smoking in Virginia

New legislation goes into effect Dec. 1, 2009, to protect restaurant workers and patrons from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. The Virginia Department of Health offers these frequently asked questions and answers about the new law and the department’s role.

Bill that could “fix” a mistake made in a smoking ban

While Marion County delegates haven’t developed a time machine to take us all back to last spring, they have introduced a bill that could “fix” a mistake that was made when a smoking ban was passed without any regard for public opinion.

Tobacco displays given more time

Small retailers are to be given an extra two years to remove tobacco displays from their shops, the Scottish Government has announced.

Night life up in smoke?

When Virginia’s smoking ban goes into effect Dec. 1, smokers will be required to choose between their cigarettes and visiting their favorite restaurants and bars.

‘Double standards’ for smoking ban

Labour has been accused of double standards for amending legislation to allow world leaders to use smoking rooms during the G20 economic conference.

Tax may cut smoking rates

A big hike in the federal tax on cigarettes taking effect on April 1 may prompt 1 million U.S. smokers to quit, according to public health experts.