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Massachusetts smokers can use a consumer protection law to sue Philip Morris

The state’s highest court ruled Monday that Massachusetts smokers can use a consumer protection law to sue Philip Morris Inc. for the way it marketed Marlboro Lights.

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

A new report says, although recession has bitten people’s pockets worldwide, it will most likely do nothing to reduce tobacco use.
The third edition of The Tobacco Atlas was launched here at the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health this week.

Tobacco Industry against Tobacco Control

The tobacco industry has historically employed a multitude of tactics to shape and influence tobacco control policy. The tobacco industry has used its economic power, lobbying and marketing machinery, and manipulation of the media to discredit scientific research and influence governments in order to propagate the sale and distribution of its deadly product.  Furthermore, the tobacco industry continues to inject large philanthropic contributions into social programs worldwide to create a positive public image under the guise of corporate social responsibility.  This document describes the spectrum of tobacco industry practices that interfere with tobacco control.  As an outcome of the first meeting of tobacco industry monitoring experts convened by WHO at the offices of PAHO in October 2007, this report exposes these practices and provides the Contracting Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and other WHO Member States the background and contextual information that may assist in implementing the WHO FCTC Article 5.3 guidelines against tobacco industry interference with tobacco control.

Tobacco in the crosshairs during legislative session

It wasn’t too long ago — just four years, in fact — that anti-smoking legislation was all but dead before it was drafted. In 2005, tobacco lobbyists and a Republican-controlled House managed to kill a ban on smoking in bars, a 10-cent-a-pack cigarette tax and “fire-safe” cigarettes.

With Anti-Smoking Marketing Goals Achieved

Fourteen years ago, Clinton administration Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler proposed that his agency regulate tobacco and impose unprecedented marketing curbs. Since that time, much traditional tobacco marketing has become all but illegal, and Congress is readying to finally grant his wish.

Children of smokers and their parents

Children of smokers often beg their parents to quit. Now those children — many of them too young to speak for themselves — are getting an assist from their pediatricians.

New smoking law - smoking lounges may see limit

About a month after the City Council approved changing city laws to allow smoking lounges to operate in Long Beach, three council members are concerned about how the new law would be regulated and want to prohibit any new smoking lounges from opening for one year.

‘Winston Man’ - the face of Winston cigarettes advertisements

David Goerlitz, the face of Winston cigarette advertisements for six years, is going through his second bout of disillusionment with the tobacco sector. The first came in November 1988 — after Goerlitz served as the “Winston Man” for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. from 1981 to 1987. That’s when he spoke out against the industry and what he considered as manufacturers’ practice of targeting youth worldwide with their products.

Effective tool for tobacco control?

“Islam can be used as an effective tool for tobacco control among Muslims, who constitute 22 percent of the world’s population,” Lath Yahya Ibrahim Mula Hussain, an oncologist from Iraq, told IANS.