Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

Big Tobacco lit the Fairness Doctrine

No one has seen a cigarette ad on TV since New Year’s Day 1971, when a ban on such ads by Congress went into effect. Congress usually gets the credit for “defeating” the tobacco companies, yet the ban was actually sought by Big Tobacco because of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine — and the efforts of a young activist to invoke it.

Non-profit organization of youth smoking prevention campaign

Today the American Legacy Foundation, the national non-profit organization that created the award-winning national truth youth smoking prevention campaign and has been a leader in grant-making, research and counter-marketing efforts aimed at saving lives from tobacco, celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Tobacco farmers accused of abusing exit program

A $285-million federal program designed to encourage tobacco farmers to exit the industry contains a loophole that could allow them to collect lucrative buyouts through friends and family while continuing to produce tobacco, anti-smoking advocates and some farmers warn.

Smokefree law has support of smokers

Health campaigners are urging MPs to extend smokefree laws after a survey found strong support from smokers.

Merchants miffed over cigars

Cigar smoke is causing a stink in downtown Palm Springs.