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Cigarette costs hike made smokers foam with anger

On the threshold of federal tax increase on cigarettes and tobacco products that enters into effect within two weeks, principal cigarette companies have increased retail prices for their products to around 80 cents for a pack of cigarettes.

A Definite Smoking Ban will be Soon

Cigarettes displays were not prohibited yet. They will be banned by 2013 when new restrictions on the use of vending cigarette machines will be drawn up too, minister said. The smokers’ age also will be restricted when they would like to


Article 14 of the FCTC asks countries to develop evidence-based treatment guidelines and take effective measures to promote adequate treatment for tobacco dependence. In November 2008 the third session of the Conference of the Parties to the FCTC set up a working group to write guidelines to help countries implement Article 14. We hope that these guidelines will encourage each country to work towards a health-care system that offers at least the following interventions:

Rolly: What webs these legislative lobbyists weave

Last week I noted in this space that while Utah is among the states with the highest taxes on alcohol, it is in the bottom third in taxing cigarettes. And legislators continue to balk at any hike on cigarette levies while personally eschewing the tobacco habit because of their religion.

Tobacco seen as economic ‘bright leaf’

The tobacco industry is expected to be the “bright leaf” in the government’s attempt to spur economic growth in the Northern Luzon region despite the global economic slowdown, a government official said.

Action against pub and club suit for illegal smoking

Jerusalem lawyer and anti-tobacco activist Amos Hausner has asked the Central District Courtto certify a NIS 20 million class-action suit against a north Tel Aviv pub and club, for failure to enforce no-smoking laws in the establishment.

Light and Intermittent Smokers Overlooked in Traditional Tobacco Research

To date, the majority of research conducted about tobacco use has been related to the impact of moderate to heavy smoking. The March 2009 issue of Nicotine and Tobacco Research is focused on examining light and intermittent smoking. Several of the nation’s preeminent public health experts and researchers worked together to uncover trends related to light smokers, those who smoke less than 10-15 cigarettes per day and intermittent or occasional smokers, those who may not smoke every day.

Lorillard, maker of Newport cigarettes, could be a takeover target

Lorillard Inc, maker of Newport cigarettes, could be a takeover target, perhaps at a “sizable” premium to its current share price, according to the latest issue of Barron’s.

Tobacco funds recipient

When Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., stepped forward last week to give his home-state tobacco industry a softer landing if it becomes regulated, he was helping a business that’s given him a boost as well.