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China – the Largest Cigarette Market

In China quarter of the population are smokers. This is a very bad news, that’s why it is needed for a strict tobacco control for to reduce smoking prevalence.  Even Chinese lawmaker press for a more severe smoking control.
“The country should initiate a tobacco control program as soon as possible to cut down tobacco supplies and demands, and protect people’s health”, said Ma Li, a deputy to the National People’s Congress.
China now has more than 350 million smokers, more than 26 percent of its total population, according to a recent study. And with an annual sale of two trillion cheap cigarettes, China is the world’s largest cigarette market.
Nearly half of China’s male health workers smoke, cigarette packages sold in China bears only minimum warning slogans or pictures, and in China it is common practice to give cigarettes as gifts. All these increased smoking in China.
“Should the current smoking prevalence continue, two million Chinese would die from, and six to eight million would suffer, tobacco-related diseases by 2030,” Ma added.
China joined the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005, but has not yet had a national program for tobacco control so far.
Tobacco control in China is of great importance now because only it will safeguard the health of the Chinese people.
Ma urged the Ministry of Health to outline a five or ten-year-program to keep tobacco production and sales under control, and gradually encourage tobacco growing areas to shift to change substitution.
The Health Ministry from China should set up a new law on the prevention of tobacco harms as soon as possible.

Japan set to ban smoking in public places

Japan is set to ban smoking in public facilities such as hospitals, government offices and public transportation to protect nonsmokers from second-hand smoke, public broadcaster NHK reported on Tuesday.

Electronic cigarettes out off the market

Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg today urged the Food and Drug Administration to take electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” off the market until they are proven safe by the federal agency.

Dissolving Tobacco Hits

A new product that’s advertised as cold, fresh and refreshing is hitting the Columbus market and it sounds like a soft drink or gum.

Tobacco tax brings out rival protesters

Medical professors, students and anti-smoking advocates rallied yesterday in support of the increase in tobacco duty, as another group of 500 people took to the streets in protest, saying the law “discriminated against the poor”.

Lay off smokes, hit beer instead

New Jersey’s experience with a $2.57-per-pack cigarette tax should be a reality check for all Wisconsin legislators.

Belligerent smokers are helping to close pubs

There are a number of things about this sort of attitude that really get my goat. And the following views are aimed more at punters than publicans and they are my views, and not those of The Publican.