Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

Gillibrand Uses Web Ad For Rapid Response

D-N.Y., has begun using Google AdWords, a program that lets webmasters create their own ads and choose keywords, to respond to Thursday’s front page New York Times article about her history of defending tobacco companies. Simply search for “Gillibrand” on Google and an ad from her campaign proclaiming that “Gillibrand Fights Tobacco” should appear to the right. The ad links to a page on her campaign Web site that highlights her anti-tobacco record. A second ad that is displayed points to an immigration reform Web site and the third points to the Times article itself. Gillibrand’s campaign usage of the targeted Web advertising platform hints at the future of rapid response in the digital age.

Canada’s Boom in Smuggled Cigarettes

Gary Godelie has been a tobacco farmer most of his life, struggling to keep alive a family farm that produces what most everyone agrees is a death crop. Whacked by global competition undercutting his prices, not to mention a dwindling number of Canadian smokers, he often thinks of getting out of the business.

Government ‘complacent’ over cigarette smuggling

Anti-tobacco groups have accused the Government of complacency over the use of children by organised crime gangs to smuggle cigarettes into Ireland.

Finland banning display of tobacco

A ministerial group of finnish social policy  proposed on Wednesday a range of measures to restrict access to tobacco pruduct, including a ban on the display of smoking tobacco in most shops or stores.

Senator Gillibrand Votes 100% Against Tobacco

In Congress, Senator Gillibrand stands up 100% of the time for the health of children and families and against the interests of the big tobacco companies. She has consistently voted in favor of tough laws to regulate the tobacco industry and to ensure public health.

AUB team conduct research to help snuff out nargileh and cigarette smoking

A team of AUB faculty members and researchers have been all fired up about the pioneering studies they have been conducting to help snuff out the unhealthy habit of smoking in Lebanon.

Genetically Stratifying Smoking-Cessation Trials Could Save Up to $15M, Researchers Find

With genotyping costs declining and the cost of conducting conventional trials increasing, researchers from the National Institutes of Health and Duke University have modeled data suggesting it may save money to genetically stratify patients in clinical trials for smoking cessation.

FDA Overburdened with Food Safety, Can’t Regulate Tobacco, Industry Reps Say

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is busy enough without taking on the task of regulating tobacco, industry representatives told lawmakers Thursday.

Jobs or lives? Tobacco makes its case against regulation

Tobacco manufacturing jobs, which pay more than twice the average salary of other private industries in North Carolina, are “under siege” by tax increases and other government proposals, growers and their advocates told lawmakers here Thursday.