Monthly Archives: March 2009

The tobacco industry’s toll

OK, maybe you didn’t have to sit down to read that. But for a state that has consistently tallied higher-than-average tobacco-use rates — and a state that has paid a higher-than-average price for the habit — that is a rather stunning development.

Tobacco lawsuit dollars tracked

Federal authorities who have been investigating judicial bribery cases in Mississippi are interested in the trail of money that leads from tobacco settlement expenses.

Local courts to consider smoking violations break law

A memo from South Carolina’s top judge said any courts created to consider violations of local ordinances like smoking bans are illegal under the state’s Constitution, an edict that has some municipal officials wondering how they should deal with violators.

Politics, money drive tobacco debate

The tobacco plants on John Isley’s farm could pass for baby spinach right now, nestled in rows under the protection of a greenhouse against the cold of March.

Mohegans hint at withholding slots revenue

Tribe considers halting payments to the state if litigation develops over casino smoking ban

Youth Tobacco Free Day

Australia Friday launched the National Youth Tobacco Free Day to educate young people to stay away from smoking.

Tobacco bans spark anger

From Wednesday, April 1, the organisation — which serves nearly one million residents of the city’s north and west and provides a range of specialist services to all Victorians, including but not limited to mental health — will introduce a smoking ban across all indoor and outdoor areas at its premises.

Tobacco tax increase expected to reduce smoking

For the estimated 20% of Americans who smoke cigarettes, the impact of a federal excise tax increase that takes effect Wednesday is already being felt.

Clark Memorial Hospital: Smokers take program or pay up

A new policy at Clark Memorial Hospital will make sure that education pays for its tobacco-using team members.