tocacco plant Native American Tobaccoo flower, leaves, and buds

tocacco Tobacco is an annual or bi-annual growing 1-3 meters tall with large sticky leaves that contain nicotine. Native to the Americas, tobacco has a long history of use as a shamanic inebriant and stimulant. It is extremely popular and well-known for its addictive potential.

tocacco nicotina Nicotiana tabacum

tocacco Nicotiana rustica leaves. Nicotiana rustica leaves have a nicotine content as high as 9%, whereas Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco) leaves contain about 1 to 3%

tocacco cigar A cigar is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco which is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth. Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sumatra, Philippines, and the Eastern United States.

tocacco Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the fresh leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. It can be consumed, used as an organic pesticide, and in the form of nicotine tartrate it is used in some medicines. In consumption it may be in the form of smoking, snuffing, chewing, dipping tobacco, or snus.


Smoking ban for South Dakota

Several senators switched their votes Wednesday on a controversial smoking ban, paving the way for South Dakota to join a growing list of states that ban smoking in virtually all businesses.

It was one of the most-watched votes of this legislative session so far, and it came one month after an almost identical bill died on the Senate floor by one vote. But in that one month, a second bill that started in the House passed there by a comfortable margin.

That put the issue - and the pressure - back in the Senate, where lawmakers were deluged with thousands of e-mails and phone calls on the issue, most coming from people who wanted the restrictions.

The state House still must agree to changes in the bill made by the Senate, or the two chambers could sort out the differences in a conference.

The bill then would go to Gov. Mike Rounds. With Rounds’ blessing, it would take effect July 1.

A spokesman for Rounds would not say whether the governor supports the bill - only that he would study the final version when it reaches his desk.

The bill that reached the Senate floor Wednesday had three exemptions where smoking would continue: hotel/motel rooms; cigar bars where at least 10 percent of revenue is generated from cigar sales; and tobacco shops.

Those changes were enough for Sen. Jim Peterson, D-Revillo, who voted against the first bill but backed Wednesday’s effort. Peterson said it was a “tough choice,” and he acknowledged that his two stances in a month would alienate constituents on both sides.

“I guess I’m trying really hard to make sure I have an opponent in the next election,” he joked.

Sen. Frank Kloucek introduced an amendment to lower the penalty for bar owners who fail to notify patrons about the ban. The House version had the penalty as a misdemeanor, but Kloucek said it should be a petty offense, the same offense that a customer would commit by smoking in the bar once a ban takes place.
“If this amendment passes, Sen. Kloucek will support the smoking bill,” he said. The amendment did pass, the only one of several to do so. Other amendments sought to exempt Deadwood gaming floors, video lottery parlors and any bar that didn’t serve hot food.

Sen. Bob Gray also switched his vote from no to yes. Gray said after the vote that it was a tough issue because it dealt with property rights. Gray said he researched the issue and found that the state first passed a ban in 1974 that applied to theaters, public buses, libraries and elementary and secondary schools. The restrictions were expanded and by 2002, restaurants were included.

“A purist for property rights, I think, would have to go back and say, ‘If you believe in property rights for bar owners, you believe in property rights for everybody.’ ” Gray added that he didn’t think most people would want theater owners to allow smoking.

“No matter how you vote on this issue,” he said, “you’re going to get flak. I fully expect that.”

Sen. Tom Nelson, R-Lead, asked for a chance to reconsider the bill later in the week, but most observers said it was unlikely votes would change on such an emotional issue.

Supporters were ecstatic their measure was almost certain to clear the Legislature.

“We’re obviously thrilled to have the smoke-free policy pass,” said Darrin Smith, the senior advocacy director for the American Heart Association of South Dakota. “We’ve been working on this issue for several years, and it was time for South Dakota to take this step forward.”

South Dakota would join about half the other states that have comprehensive smoking bans, Smith said.

But some business owners say the issue puts their futures in jeopardy. Deb Brobjorg, who owns Norby’s Bar in Dell Rapids, predicts sales will be down, particularly among patrons who play video lottery.

“I pray I’m wrong, and someone can stand on the highest point in the state and say, ‘You were wrong,’ ” Brobjorg said. “I hope that happens, but I know I am not wrong.”

Brobjorg said she will take a hard look at whether she can keep as many employees on the payroll and continue paying the health insurance premiums for two full-time employees.

“I already know what my options are,” she said. “I just don’t know when to implement them.”

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