Daily Archives: April 14, 2009

Russia disputes ownership of Bulgarian tobacco company

The Southeast European Times is reporting that Russia intends to take back a number of companies abroad that were once the property of the former Soviet Union, including Bulgarian cigarette maker Bulgartabac, Vladimir Kozhin, head of Russia’s Presidential Property Management Department, said on Thursday April 9.

Officials Probe E-Cigarettes’ Health Claims

Entrepreneurs are always trying to come up with new products for smokers: a nicotine lollipop or a bottle of Nico Water to give you that fix when you can’t light up.

Foundation slams firms that sell ‘cute’ cigarettes

Tobacco companies that sell cigarettes in cute or fashionable packaging in an attempt to attract young ladies may be violating new tobacco rules, a foundation said yesterday.

Watch Out Big Tobacco: The Next Big Story Stock Could Be Here

It’s not too often a product comes along with so much potential. A product with so much pent up demand. A product that is significantly cheaper than alternatives. A product that sells so extremely well right out of the gate the potential to turn a very small speculation into a big score is obvious.

India’s first tobacco research lab by Dec

How much nicotine and tar does your cigarette actually contain? You will know by the end of this year.
The health ministry has cleared setting up of one apex state-of-the-art tobacco research lab (which will the first of its kind in South Asia) and five other labs to test the amount of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide in cigarettes, bidis and cigars.

Bar owners, customers want less-complicated smoking law

For more than two years, it has been illegal to smoke in restaurants, bars that serve food, malls, day care centers and other public places in Nevada.

Death of monks prompts ban on smoking in temples

Dr Prakit Vathesatogkit, the Action On Smoking And Health Foundation’s secretarygeneral, said

Too skint to light up — roll ups make a comeback

Even before the credit crisis took hold, smokers flinched at paying £5.22 for a packet of 20 Lambert & Butler.

Tax increase to boost tobacco black market?

The rising price of tobacco is rippling across Arizona, forcing smokers to dig deeper for cash, sparking a potential black market boost and prompting an increase in calls to a state cessation help line.