Daily Archives: April 25, 2009

Legislation bans indoor smoking lounges

At Champlain Cable Corp., the employee smoking room was closed down last fall, sending smokers outside. Employees were offered help to quit smoking.

Vt. House Passes Ban on Smoking

The Vermont House has passed a bill that would snuff out all smoking in the workplace.

Poland to ban indoor smoking

Poland will ban smoking in indoor public places and in passenger cars if children are in them, Polish Radio said.

Criticism for Smoking Ban not being complied with in Barcelona

Criticism for Smoking Ban not being complied with in Barcelona

House offers deal on tobacco tax that exempts cigars

In the latest closed-door offer to the Florida Senate offered by the House chief budget negotiator, Rep. Dean Cannon, the House abandons its no-taxes position and instead agrees to the Senate’s $1-per-pack increase in a cigarette tax. But, in a slight to the Miami delegation and a nod to Tampa’s lawmakers, it also imposes a new tax on tobacco companies that don’t pay the state a settlement fee and eliminates the new $1-per-ounce tax on cigars.

Tobacco giants ‘targeting youth in developing world’

Nearly half of the world’s smokers live in three countries - China, India and Indonesia - and many are picking up the habit at a very young age.

Philip Morris’ Global Race

Louis C. Camilleri rarely shows his joy. But stepping into the role of CEO of the newly formed Philip Morris International (PM) (PMI) last March put him in a mood to celebrate. Gone from his life were the 129 active lawsuits of the U.S. business, which would remain under the banner of Altria Group (MO), where he had been CEO for six years. Instead of worrying about the slow death of the U.S. tobacco industry—spiraling taxes, smoking bans, and antismoking ads featuring body bags and black lungs—he could focus on new places to sell cigarettes from a sleek new operating base overlooking Switzerland’s Lake Geneva and the Alps of Savoie. “This is the job I always wanted,” Camilleri, 54, told staff. “I just had to break up the company to get it.”

Early Exposure to Movie Smoking Predicts Established Smoking by Older Teens and Young Adults

Madeline A. Dalton, PhDa,b,c,d, Michael L. Beach, MD, PhDa,c,d,e, Anna M. Adachi-Mejia, PhDa,b,d, Meghan R. Longacre, PhDa,b, Aurora L. Matzkin, MSa, James D. Sargent, MDb,c,d, Todd F. Heatherton, PhDf and Linda Titus-Ernstoff, PhDa,b,c,d

Smoking ban: French transport chiefs outlaw cigarette-puffing Audrey Tautou in Coco Chanel film poster

COCO CHANELFamed for its cafe culture and Gauloises cigarette inhabitants Paris has outlawed publicity images of Hollywood star Audrey Tautou playing style icon Coco Chanel - because she’s shown smoking a cigarette.