Illinois smokers are desperate about upcoming tax increase

Keep smoking and give children a chance to see a doctor. This widespread joke can be used by the federal government as an advertising slogan for the recently signed bill that enters into effect on April, 1. According to this bill prices on tobacco products like tobacco for rolling and chewing, snuff and cigars would be increased. However, the biggest shock about the new bill is the hike in the federal cigarettes tax that would be increased to $1, 01 from the current 39 cents. That makes up a 140 percent increase. Not bad, isn’t it?

The Revenue generated from the tax hike would be used to fund Health insurance for additional 4 million of uninsured children from low-income families.

Whereas smokers tried to overcome the shocking news regarding tax increases, major cigarettes manufacturers hastened to raise the costs for their brands in a desperate attempt to collect more money before the expected sale declines related to tax hike.

Other good news for smokers came from the Governor’s office who introduced a proposal to increase the state cigarette tax by a $1 per pack.

“It’s an absolute non-sense,” complained Jane Portenski, a lawyer from Chicago. “Every time they need money to cover their own expenses they impose a higher tax on cigarettes. Why should we pay for their outrageous plans and proposals? “. Mrs. Portenski bitterly joked, saying that when there would be no smokers in America the government would start taxing the air people have been breathing.

Mandy Smith, American Cancer Society’s communication manager stated that the society has been delighted with the upcoming price increase since it is the best strategy in order to prevent young people from starting smoking.

Several researches have proven that price increase do force people to give up. According to these researches, every 10 percent jump in the cigarettes prices accounts for almost 5 percent of smokers who decide to quit.

However, since thousands decide to stop smoking being unable to pay high prices, how would the state manage to generate the expected revenue?  Officials usually become confused at this point.

Some of them state that smoking has been a headache for federal money with millions spent on the treatment from smoking related health complications; others simply try to shunt the conversation to another topic.

Sámi Yruk, one of the few customers found in Cigarette House in Rockford said that if the revenue went to children he would pay for cigarettes, but it would as usually go to authorities’ wallets, and this has been simply unfair from them to tax the poor people in order to become even wealthier.

Cigarette House owner Jay Hogan confessed that he was full of indignation for the government when heard about tax increase. He said people have gone into pieces seeing the new prices.

Hogan added that he even presented a carton of Virginia Slims to an old lady who has been his regular customer for 8 years, but when she came to the store two weeks ago and saw the prices she began crying. He said she was so desperate that he felt very sorry for her and decided to give her a carton for free.

Sámi Yruk admitted that many of his smoking friends share the opinion that smokers have been unfairly singled out. They don’t understand why the government has shut their eyes on alcohol beverages, casinos or junk food.

He said that if the federal government wants to compensate budget holes they should retrench their expenses by cutting several state jobs or stop paying enormous bonuses.


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