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Study on Smoking Ban Show Little Impact on Businesses

Tavern owners say the Nevada smoking ban has devastated their businesses by forcing layoffs and even causing some establishments to close. But a UNLV research study contradicts that claim and shows those businesses were not hurt by the ban.

When smokers can eat, then tend to drink and gamble more. It’s a formula that Nevada tavern owners relied on to sustain their businesses. However, in 2006, voters took away the ability for patrons to smoke if a business serves food. Tavern owner Joe Wilcock says the smoking ban messed up the formula and dropped business about 20-percent. He says his drop in business has nothing to do with the economy.

“Absolutely not. Not between 2006 and 2007. We were having boom years,” said Joe Wilcock, Brewery Bar & Grille.

UNLV Assistant Professor Nancy York tested that claim. She headed a team that gathered public data on all aspects of the tavern business before and after the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act went into effect.

“Preliminarily it certainly looks like it’s more of the recession effects or something that happened before the law went into effect in December of 2006,” said Nancy York, UNLV.

“I can pound this data all day long. I am laying off employees. Every operator in the valley is laying off people and they come out with this crap. This is crap,” Wilcock says as he questions the data.

“I am furious. I got to tell you that I am furious. First of all, there are some holes in this thing,” he said. He points to table games lumped into the trends on gaming revenue. Taverns don’t have tables. He says his numbers don’t lie.

Wilcock says he lost 50-percent of his restaurant business from 2006 to 2007 directly due to the smoking ban. In addition to scaring away customers, he says the smoking ban also forced expensive re-designs. Wilcock spent $60,000 building a hallway to separate the smoking and non-smoking areas.

Still, York stands by her numbers. ”Once the law went into effect, they trended down one more quarter. Then trended back up,” she said.

This study could fuel the debate as lawmakers take up the issue or revising the Nevada Clean Air Act. If the bill passes, it would allow customers to smoke at a food-serving business as long as anyone under 21 years old was banned from the building.

Source: Lasvegasnow

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6 comments to Study on Smoking Ban Show Little Impact on Businesses

  • Bob

    Just another ploy to twist words. They put restaurants, a place where families eat and leave, bars, where individuals go to enjoy adult convesrations, and liquor stores, which naturally get increased business when people can’t smoke at bars, all together as one group.

  • Reverendcrash

    I believe this woman thinks the absence of rain has not contributed to the drout in California either.

  • mark

    This story is not only misleading, but blatantly false.

    In the Minneapolis area 320+ bars & restaurants closed after smoking bans were enacted.

    Elsewhere in the U.S. more than 2,000 establishments have closed since local bans were enacted.

    In the U.K. more than 3,300 pubs have closed since nationwide smoking ban was enacted.

    Las Vegas economy has been decimated since smoking ban was enacted.

  • kybriar

    York, you might want to check the constitution;
    Amendment 1; or abridging the freedom of speech

    Owners should speak for themselves, duct tape on your mouth might work.

    Now York, why do you call owners liars when they try to speak and give the results that they experience? Anything for the anti smoking cartel agenda eh? Do you get funding from the RWJF to shovel your BS?

    Tavern owner Joe Wilcock says the smoking ban messed up the formula and dropped business about 20-percent. He says his drop in business has nothing to do with the economy.

    Wilcock says he lost 50-percent of his restaurant business from 2006 to 2007 directly due to the smoking ban.

    York, I bet they know more than you do..or should I say than you will admit about their losses. Shut up and you might learn and face real truth not bs agenda malarkey

  • Musician

    A person who is a lobbyist for anti-tobacco is no source for any statistics.

    The bar owners, the bar staff and musicians know the real score on this.

    Smoking bans are bad for business.

    Case closed.

  • Marleneb

    York needs to go back to grade school, she certainly missed math! How on earth did she ever get to her position? She is on the band wagon that will doom this nation. People like her need to be banned. Anyone trampling constitutionally protected private property rights should be hanged, IMHO.

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