The Impact of Smoking Bans on Youth-Substance Abuse

Cigarettes smoking is proven to be a gateway activity for substance abuse among youth. That’s why the Coalition for a Drug-Free Nevada County supported Nevada County tobacco use prevention and also they accepted the proposed ordinance for a smoke-free Western Gateway Park as a means to prevent substance abuse among the youth of Nevada County.

In Nevada cigarettes became more studied by researchers when many studies showed a correlation between cigarette use and marijuana use. And also findings showed that current smokers are more likely to be heavy drinkers and drug users.

To ban selling cigarettes to minors is a good start, but the coalition aims to create changes in Nevada which will show zero-indulgence and approval of substance abuse of any kind. In Nevada many people smoke, especially adults, and the adults represent the main cause of the children smoke. Scientists consider that when children see adults smoking in family-friendly places, make them more likely to try cigarettes or other tobacco products.

The aim of the new law is to create “safe havens”, places where children and youth would spend their time without the presence of substance abuse activities.

Parks in Nevada County should be a place where children can play and not be in danger of encountering second-hand smoke and the litter and debris of cigarette butts.

Smoke-free parks would set an example of a healthy community, and the ability to enjoy parks without the message of acceptance of this dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle choice.

In Nevada Country there are approximately three smoke-free parks.

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