Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

Addressing concerns around climate change

Climate change remains a feature of the global political agenda. Addressing concerns around climate change means addressing energy use and, to a lesser extent, waste to landfill.
Peaple are working to reduce the impact and to better understand the potential business outcomes of a changing climate. In 2006, BAT analysed the potential risks to they business that could stem from changes in climate over the next 10 to 20 years, with the help of an environmental consultancy, ERM. This analysis concentrated on leaf operations, factories, direct materials supply, and business travel and freight. The potential impacts identified ranged from weather-related phenomena, such as changes in precipitation and extreme events, to regulatory issues such as levies on emissions.
One of aims is to reduce our CO2 equivalent. They have set a reduction target of 50 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050 from our year 2000 baseline of 1.38 tonnes per million cigarettes equivalent.
Having made substantial progress in the past – for example, reducing our CO2 equivalent by 32 per cent since 2000 – BAT think that achieving further similar large reductions will be difficult. They understand the concerns over the effectiveness of carbon offsetting and we will prioritise further reduction in emissions before consider investing in offsets.

Smoking rates continues to decline in New York City

The percentage of New Yorkers smokers continues to decline.

Mohegan Sun CEO asks legislators to kill casino smoking ban bill

The chief executive officer of Mohegan Sun urged state lawmakers Tuesday to kill a proposal that would compel the two tribally owned casinos in Connecticut to ban cigarette smoking by 2011, saying the resulting drop-off in business would cost the state millions in slot revenues and lost jobs.

Missouri lawmakers require fire-safe cigarettes

Missouri became the latest state Tuesday to join a national movement in requiring cigarettes to be self-extinguishing.

Marlboro Classics Men

I TOLD my friend that I was going to interview the business director for Marlboro Classics and after a short pause, he went: “Ah, the cowboy brand.”

Tobacco Giant Leads in Profits, Addicting Youth

With global tobacco deaths climbing above 5.4 million a year, Philip Morris International (PMI) is heralding a 12.7 percent net revenue growth in 2008. Not coincidentally the regions most impacted by the tobacco epidemic are the same “emerging markets” that the corporation credits with driving its growth.

Philip Morris Meeting Mixes Tobacco Profit and Protests

It was a meeting of big numbers.

Smoking cessation course

Some of the biggest money paid to UW has been for its smoking cessation course, part of a national campaign funded by Pfizer.

Govt’s role on dilution of tobacco warnings

The Supreme Court on Tuesday summoned minutes of the group of ministers’ (GoM) meeting to find out whether former central health