Daily Archives: May 11, 2009

Rowlett voters approve smoking ban

Rowlett voters decided Saturday that the city will become smoke-free after all. With 10 of 12 precincts reporting, 64 percent of voters supported the smoking ban with 34 percent opposing it.

Setting the stage for more smokers

EVERYONE wonders how Bernie Madoff lives with himself after his decades of fraud. But what about Louis Camilleri?

Bull Market for Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

The Washington Legal Foundation, a self-described “advocate for freedom and justice,” published one of its occasional quarter-page ads in the New York Times the other day. The headline: “Bull Market for Plaintiffs’ Lawyers.”

Hawaii taxes to go up July 1

The dramatic final week of the state legislative session wound down yesterday with Democratic lawmakers following through on a promise to override Gov. Linda Lingle’s vetoes of four measures that will increase taxes to balance the state budget.

Innovation fires up BAT’s chief

Sitting in the glass-fronted private dining room that overlooks the Thames, Paul Adams, the no-nonsense chief executive of British American Tobacco, pulls out a cigarette from a pack of Kool menthol and asks: “Do you know what the magic in this is?”

Czech children worst in cigarette smoking

Czech children are among the youths that smoke the highest number of cigarettes in the world, the daily Lidove noviny (LN) wrote on Wednesday, citing the latest survey of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) based on data from 2005-2006.

30-year follow-up study: ‘Tremendous’ impact of smoking

Non-smokers live longer and have less cardiovascular disease than those who smoke, according to a 30-year follow-up study of 54,000 men and women in Norway. Smoking, say the investigators, is “strongly” related to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality from various causes.

Smoking debate leaves a few burning questions

Arguments aside, the way leading lawmakers handled the issue of a potential statewide smoking ban in taverns and restaurants this week was not in the spirit of a more transparent government.

President Barack Obama Would Back Tobacco Regulation

President Barack Obama’s choice to run the Food and Drug Administration said she would support having the agency regulate tobacco in addition to stepping up its food- inspections and fighting swine flu.