Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

Smokers, drinks to carry tax burden?

If you make big bucks — or enjoy alcohol, cigarettes and Coke — the government might hit you up to pay for fixing the nation’s health care system.

Largest FMCG market, cigarettes, sees 10% volume decline

The rise in the price of cigarettes has led to an increase in the share allocated by a smoker for such expenses, from 4% to 6% of overall expenses, according to data from the National Statistics Commission, cited by the JTI manufacturer.

Tax cigarettes at a higher rate, says WHO

Qatar and GCC countries can prevent millions of premature deaths if higher taxation and pricing is imposed on tobacco, according to the World Health Organisation.

Over 1,6 million kg of tobacco sold

This is more than the 403 000kg worth US$1,2 million sold through the same system in the same period last season.

Smoking Banned At State Parks And Beaches

Governor John Baldacci today signed into law a bill to prohibit smoking at state parks, beaches and historic sites.  The bill’s sponsor and the Department of Conservation don’t think it will be difficult to enforce, but others question the need for such legislation.

Legislature Fails To Vote On Pot Bill, Casino Smoking Ban

Two controversial bills — one proposing the decriminalization of marijuana and another a smoking ban at the state’s two casinos — suffered major blows Tuesday when an influential legislative committee failed to take critical votes on the measures.

Assembly, Senate pass indoor smoking ban

Smoking would be banned in restaurants, bars and other businesses starting in July 2010 under a bill the Legislature passed Wednesday.

Smoking ban heads to Gov. Perdue’s desk

The House narrowly approved a broad indoor smoking ban Wednesday that was previously passed by the Senate, delivering another jolt to the tobacco industry that once was a key piece of North Carolina’s economy.

DonCarlos reelected - protector from dangerous secondhand smoke

Incumbent Bayown Mayor Stephen DonCarlos secured a second term as the city’s top man May 9 by receiving a 74 percent majority vote, officials with the city announced Saturday.