Daily Archives: May 15, 2009

DoH seeks to fix loopholes in tobacco law

The Department of Health said it will continue to lobby for amendments of and implementation of salient provisions of the tobacco regulation act (Republic Act 9211) to “fix its loopholes.”

Quebec keen to sue big tobacco for health care costs

The Quebec government has tabled new legislation that if passed would allow the province to seek damages from cigarette manufacturers for health care costs related to tobacco illnesses.

Turnbull defends tobacco tax hike

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has defended his proposed cigarette tax hike amid criticism from his own party, saying it is a responsible measure in difficult times.

Scottish smokers are silent victims, claims campaigner

Six times as many Scots die from smoking than from road and other accidents, murder, suicide, falls and poisoning combined, according to anti-smoking campaigners.

Middle East losing US$162 million in tobacco taxes each year

LEBANON. Starting today, British American Tobacco Middle East is hosting a two-day conference for key stakeholders across the region to help tackle the issue of illicit tobacco trade. Taking place in Beirut, Lebanon, the conference will shed light on different experiences in combating illicit trade of tobacco products across the region.

Libya bans smoking in public places

The Libyan government on Thursday announced that it is to ban smoking in public places, and the media advertising of all tobacco products. The decision announced by the Libyan cabinet also prohibits selling cigarettes to any person less than 18 years old.

New Jersey Cigarette Tax Hike to Result in $12M Loss

A proposed plan by Governor Jon Corzine to raise the state’s cigarette tax 12.5 cents per pack would hurt—not help—the state’s attempts to raise more revenue, according to a recent study by retail research firm BALVOR, which was cited in a Millennium Radio report.