Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

SC Finance Committee reached the agreement over cigarette tax increase

South Carolina Assembly is almost certain to approve the cigarette tax increase during this legislative session. Gov. Mark Sanford would even more certainly put a veto on this increase as he claims that any increase should be correlated to corresponding decrease.

More Trying to Quit Smoking

Since last summer smokers in Idaho have been able to request a free four-week supply of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges to help them kick the habit.  A record number of people in the Gem State have taken advantage of the program.  So many in fact, the funding is gone until the July 1st.

In Praise of Sin Taxes for Cigarettes, Soda, Marijuana

Federal and state governments are badly in need of revenue. And since their citizens have no money and hardly remember what a capital gain looks like, people are getting desperate for taxable goods. And by desperate, I mean creative. Is it time to tax prostitution yet? Yes it is, apparently.

Is it safe to grow tobacco off contract?

As tobacco growers adjust to the shock of substantial reductions in the number of pounds offered in contracts by many of the manufacturers, a number of them have wondered about the wisdom of planting enough acres to produce leaf beyond the contracted limits.
Chris Haskins of Chatham, Va., thinks this is a bad idea.

Tobacco Use at Clay City Park

Anyone who has come to the Clay City Park have seen people standing in the parking lot or sidewalk with a guilty look and a cigarette in their hand or their mouth. And even Clay Recreation Association Board members have been seen with chewing tobacco.y

Warnings on tobacco may be effective

Health warnings on tobacco product packages are effective in highlighting the perception of health risk, a U.S. health report said.

Japan Stocks Slide on U.S. Credit, Japan Tobacco Advances

Japanese stocks fell as concern the U.S. will eventually lose its top credit rating boosted the yen against the dollar, threatening earnings prospects for exporters.

Senate panel backs smoking ban in bars

A push to expand Louisiana’s indoor smoking ban gained momentum Wednesday, when a Senate committee agreed to legislation that would ban the practice in bars and casinos.

US Senate Panel Approves FDA Tobacco-Regulation Measure

A bill giving the Food and Drug Administration power to regulate tobacco products won approval from a key U.S. Senate panel Wednesday, clearing the way for a full Senate vote.