Side Effects Make it Impossible to Quit Smoking

So many people want to quit smoking but they just keep giving up. Why is that? One reason is that smoking is very addictive. It’s easy to say you want to quit smoking and go through all of the steps to do so. However, it may be hard for you physically and emotionally to actually give up smoking.

For this reason, you really need to be prepared to quit. You need to know exactly what to expect and you need to have a true desire so that you can overcome the hard times. Preparation can be physical, emotional, and mental. Here I will address the physical preparation.

In order to prepare yourself physically to quit smoking you really need to know what kinds of side effects to expect. The side effects could be very hard to overcome, especially during the first month after you have quit. However, if you make it through this first month and don’t allow the side effects to become overwhelming then you are past the first major trial and one of the hardest aspects of quitting.

Be prepared for some or all of the following common physical side effects:

- restlessness

- headache

- insomnia (lack of sleep)

- weight gain

- constipation

Some ways that you can reduce these side effects are by drinking lots of water and getting regular exercise. On top of helping to reduce the side effects, these things will also help you to raise your self esteem and fight the cravings for cigarettes that you may get while you quit smoking.

Also, be sure to have things like herbal sleep aids, herbal relaxation teas, and fiber on hand in case you need them. Drinking juice may also help. You should also plan some relaxation techniques in advance so that you are ready to fight the stressful side effects that may occur.

This time in your life may be a very challenging step but it is also an important one. The side effects will not be permanent and so if you are able to fight them for just a few weeks then you have the willpower you need to quit. The ability to quit smoking will benefit you for the rest of your life so the possible upcoming struggle will be well worth it.

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