Smoking Myth

We all have our ways to continue smoking, nobody actually wants to smoke but many of us were scared of life without cigarettes. I thought about it constantly and ironically my over analysing was probably my key to actually escaping. I read constantly about smoking and researched my quit smoking project for years and years without it has to be said any real action.

The real reason I continually failed to even try to quit smoking was the myths that had built up in my mind. I had to learn about these one by one and deal with them before I could even try. There are lots of smoking myths that exist to keep people trapped but here are a couple that particularly affected me.

Smoking Myth 1 - Smoking helps me deal with stress

Now as an ex-smoker, I can hardly believe I ever thought this but I did and it stopped me trying to quit smoking for years. Like many people I had a lot of stress in my life and to be honest I could barely begin to contemplate dealing with this stress without my cigarettes. Well the truth is quite bizarre but definitely true, cigarettes actually make your life much more stressful . It’s true the simple fact is whenever a smoker is not actually smoking they are suffering the stressful experience of nicotine withdrawal as it slowly leaves their body. That stressful feeling is reduced only when you are actually smoking - when you stop it slowly builds up again. This is why people think it actually helps with stress because smoking reduces the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Of course non-smokers don’t have this element in their lives at all so smoking a cigarette would never help them because they are not addicted to nicotine. They have to deal with all the usual stress in life but the poor smokers have that bit more than the rest of us.

Smoking Myth 2 - Life just won’t be any fun

There is an idea that smoking is one of life’s great pleasures and by giving up we are depriving ourselves of that enjoyment. It is completely and utterly untrue but I’m afraid it was used by me as excuse to quit smoking. So why do people think it is a pleasure? Again it is all down to nicotine withdrawal and the stress and tension it causes. Smoking a cigarette improves the mood of a smoker because it temporarily relieves the withdrawal feelings they are suffering. Cigarettes then appear to improve a good time or make a bad time more bearable.

If you often say ‘I want to give up smoking’ then you need to understand they are doing to us. By that I don’t mean all the scary health stuff but the illusion of pleasure that smoking appears to deliver.

One response to “Smoking Myth

  1. Howard O'Brien

    I did subscribe to those myths for a long time, I did manage to quit 2 months ago using e cigarettes as a cessation aid and I feel lots better for it, I’m using e cigs and cutting down my nicotine intake. There are lots of articles out there on e cigs so I’m not going to recommend them. I just want to make people aware that they are out there and that you should research them before buying or using them. As with anything else there are pros and cons, make your own judgment

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