Daily Archives: June 1, 2009

Government acts adopted by tobacco companies

The war against smoking has been further intensified with a ban on tobacco companies and retailers from giving gifts when selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Landmark decisions for tobacco control

The government reduced the tobacco industry to the size of a pygmy here Sunday by announcing immediate rollback of the controversial Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO) on Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs) and making the printing of pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs and outers mandatory with effect from January 1, 2010.

Tobacco Seducing More Young People

From 1950s heartthrob James Dean to Winona Ryder’s chain smoking in “Reality Bites,” to Will Smith lighting up a cigar every time he kills an alien in “Independence Day,” Hollywood never ceases to glamorize smoking. In the past several years, however, thanks to health campaigns, such glamorization has been curbed on television and in the movies.

For a Smoke-Free Indonesia

Thirteen is the number of sticks that the average smoker lights in a day. This number doesn’t change much whether you’re rich or poor. So regardless of how much money one makes, every smoker will spend about the same amount of money in cigarette taxes. Granted, the rich smoke more expensive brands but a disproportionate number of smokers are low income earners, so it all balances out.

Changes you life

When you make the decision to quit smoking, you’ll have to make many changes in your life. Being highly addictive, smoking is very hard to stop. You’ll undergo many physiological changes, and exercise can be one way to guarantee success.

Have You Tried Quit Smoking Clinics?

There are countless quit smoking methods available in the market to help you kick your nasty habit of smoking. Unfortunately, not all of these methods will work for you. If that is the case, do not give up just yet. You still have another option which is the quit smoking clinic.


Risks are higher. But the addiction is stronger and it’s a difficult business to kick the butt. Forget the menfolk, even women today seem
to whiff off all these concerns with every puff they take.

Wyeth’s Menopause Hormones Increase Risk of Lung Cancer Deaths

Wyeth’s hormone replacement therapy, a menopause treatment whose use has declined after being linked to heart attack, stroke and breast cancer, increases the risk of death from lung tumors, a study found.

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Most smokers know of the negative impact of smokers to their health. Unfortunately, these smokers are often in denial and cite many excuses so as not to quit smoking. One of this is their fear is weight gain after they quit smoking. So is there a way to quit smoking without gaining weight?