Daily Archives: June 2, 2009

Is £6.5million worth a smoking ban Carlo?

Have you thought this through, Carlo? Sure, £6.5million a year is a lot but won’t you miss the pleasure of that half-time cigarette, that full-time puff, that falling-behind anxiety reliever, that late-winner wheeze? You were rarely seen without one at the San Siro; is the chance to watch Didier Drogba shriek at referees really worth giving up your beloved weed for?

Nebraska doors close to smokers

Happy-hour customers inside Bull Feathers Eatery & Saloon Monday needed no reminder from Suzanne Reeh not to light up.

Arizona high court to weigh budget move’s legality

The Arizona Supreme Court will decide whether legislators went too far by using interest earned on an early childhood development and health program’s tobacco-tax funding to help balance the current state budget.

Protecting young people from smoking

It is clear that onscreen smoking benefits the tobacco industry and increases youth smoking initiation. Therefore, policies to limit movie smoking have to form part of any comprehensive tobacco control strategy. Even without the compelling evidence that smoking in films has been a mainstay of tobacco marketing efforts, this medium’s tremendous reach compels development of public policies to substantially and permanently reduce adolescents’ exposure to tobacco in film. With tobacco logos barred from sports and other venues in many countries, film may be one of the last media in which adolescents can be exposed to smoking imagery without restrictions.

Exposure to smoking in movies increases adolescent smoking initiation

Exposure to smoking in movies increases adolescent smoking initiation

WHO calls for policies to restrict smoking in movies

Backed by evidence that smoking in movies causes youths to want to light up, the World Health Organization is calling upon countries to enact enforceable policies that would severely restrict such depictions.

After decades-long battle, tobacco regulation advances

North Carolina, the nation’s largest tobacco producer, just did what was once thought impossible. The state enacted one of the nation’s strictest bans on smoking in public places, proving the battle against smoking has come a long way since a handful of California cities and counties passed the nation’s first smoke-free laws in 1990.

Uganda Tobacco - Despite the Risks

YESTERDAY, Uganda joined the rest of the world to mark the World No Tobacco Day. Anti-cigarette activists are vowing to step up the campaign to compel the Government to tighten its grip on smokers who do not care about other people’s health.

Ban not limited to bars and restaurants

While bars and restaurants are obvious targets for Nebraska’s smoke-free ban that begins Monday, the East Central Health Department (ECDHD) is finding the much broader ramifications of the new law are largely misunderstood.