Daily Archives: June 7, 2009

Raids uncover cigarette network

Four cigarette distribution and manufacturing companies have been raided, including one in north Mississippi, in the last two months as authorities continue a two-year investigation into an alleged tobacco black market.

Senate nears vote on tobacco

Sweeping changes in how the government controls tobacco content and marketing are likely to be approved in the U.S. Senate next week despite a strong last-ditch effort by tobacco interests and skepticism from some experts that smokers won’t kick their habit.

Smoking debate has become nicotine-delivery debate

Federal regulators are cracking down on a cigarette substitute that uses technology similar to devices that Philip Morris USA researchers have focused on in recent years.

Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centres in India

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) today announced that it will be launching 5,000 Tobacco Intervention Initiative Centres (TIICs) across India during the next two years. The first phase of the launch kicked off early this week as 56 TIICs were set up across Maharashtra. To further reinforce its commitment to create a tobacco free India, IDA also joined WHO this year in observing ‘World No Tobacco Day’. Dentists who volunteer to serve in these centres will receive orientation at NIMHANS, Bangalore and at centres in Delhi.

European Union Cigarette Trade Becoming More Competitive

Major cigarette manufacturers and exporters located in the earlier 15 European Union countries had expected to find new customers among smokers in the newer East European members as they entered the common market in 2004. In early 2009, the EU market was more competitive than some had earlier imagined. The rise of Poland as a major cigarette exporter in the last several years has been a kind of surprise to some analysts. Another country with a very different agenda since joining the EU is Romania. A shift from large imports to much smaller imports, and even rising exports were reported for Romania after joining the EU on January 1, 2007 further added to the competitive setting.

New CDC chief to target smoking

Dr. Thomas Frieden has swung a big stick as New York City’s top health official, pushing through bans on smoking and artery-clogging trans fats.

New regulation of tobacco products

Like smoking, defending tobacco just isn’t cool anymore.