Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

House debate begins on tobacco and other taxes

House members have begun committee debate over tax and budget bills that would raise more than $940 million in new taxes.

Quebec politicians team up to grill tobacco exec

National Assembly hearings on Bill 43, which would empower the province to seek billions of dollars from tobacco companies to offset the cost of treating people with smoking-related diseases, began with a tag-team effort Tuesday.

Govt tables paper to prevent surrogate ads on tobacco, alcohol

In a bid to prevent surrogate advertising of alcohol and tobacco products on television, government has tabled a paper in Parliament to implement various provisions to this effect.
The government’s move is aimed at implementing the provisions incorporated in the Cable Television Network Rules 1994 to prevent surrogate advertisements of alcohol and tobacco products on TV.

‘Operation Rollback’ Targets N.Y. Tobacco Fee

Nine associations representing New York state retailers have jointly launched “Operation Rollback,” an industry-wide drive to undo the large increase in retail tobacco registration fees approved in the 2009-2010 New York State budget.

Georgia wins with tobacco tax hike

Most Georgians understand the difficult decisions that are being made about our state’s budget as a result of severely declining revenues.

FTSE ends flat; weak tobacco, drugs offset commods

Britain’s leading share index ended flat on Tuesday, with commodity stocks tracking gains in raw material prices as the dollar eased but cigarette makers and pharmaceutical companies fell.

Fight Over Tobacco Law in Final Round

After 11 years, three presidents and millions of dollars in lobbying by worried cigarette makers, Congress is poised to put the tobacco industry under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.

Great Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There are a ton of ways to quit smoking out there, some of which work and, well, some that don’t. While quitting is something that you have to decide to do, here are a few ways to help yourself along the way!

Senate give FDA control over tobacco products

The Senate on Tuesday rejected the main challenge to legislation giving the Food and Drug Administration sweeping controls over tobacco products, easing the way for passage of the measure this week.