Daily Archives: June 13, 2009

Higher Florida cigarette tax could increase sales of e-cigarettes

When Florida’s new $1 tax on cigarettes takes effect in about three weeks, it should discourage at least marginal and cost-conscious smokers from lighting up as often and dissuade youngsters from getting hooked in the first place.

Smoking Bill will Impact Cigarette Industry

Congress passed a bill that allows the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the marketing and production of cigarettes. Under the bill, the FDA can print all of the ingredients involved in making cigarettes on packages, ban flavored cigarettes and reduce the amount of nicotine in a pack of smokes. Ames McCurtis works for the Department of Community Health. That’s why he feels good about new legislation. It allows the Food and Drug Administration to regulate cigarettes.

Valley Smokers React to Historic Tobacco Bill

Gilbert Savalza started smoking when he was 13. “Curiosity, it’s like candy you can’t eat it, so you want some,” said the Fresno County resident. Savalza is now 53 years old and has no plans to quit.

Big Tobacco Up in Smoke

Is this the beginning of the end for Big Tobacco? Yesterday the Senate took what surely will be seen as an historic step to pass legislation putting the tobacco industry under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration, the New York Times reports. The new Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act does not ban smoking outright, but it would give the FDA power to reduce nicotine content and regulate chemicals in cigarettes. Since 1998, the industry has spent nearly $308 million in lobbying to block the bill, but now it is expected to be signed into law by President Obama as early as next week. “This is a historic step changing the nature of tobacco in society forever,” one leading tobacco academic tells the NYT. Cigarette companies complain that the bill will put “severe, perhaps unconstitutional, restrictions on advertising and packaging” and could derail their business plans to develop smokeless tobacco products, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Tobacco-Patent Lawsuit Heads To Jury Next Week

The fortunes of aspiring tobacco company Star Scientific Inc. (STSI) could hinge on a high-stakes patent-infringement case that goes to a federal jury in Baltimore next week.

Congress Passes Measure on Tobacco Regulation

The House moved quickly Friday to pass the Senate’s tobacco bill and send it to the White House, where President Obama promised to sign it.