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Anti-smoking groups push for cutting smoking scenes in landmark cartoons

Tax tobacco to death

Nanny State Targets Tobacco

The term “Nanny State” refers to the increasing government intrusion in personal life decisions for the “peoples’ own good.” Advocates of a nanny state argue that it is the role of government to assume a parenting role for adult citizens. The very notion of a nanny state illustrates how those in power truly view us “little people”: we are far too dumb to know how to manage our own lives and we need a leviathan federal bureaucracy to tell us what to eat or drink or what to abstain from. The most recent example of the nanny state in action is the legislation by Congress to expand the regulatory powers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include tobacco. President Barack Obama, himself an admitted smoker who has struggled to quit but suffers frequent relapses, has vowed to sign the legislation into law.

N.C. Tobacco Farmers Find Friend in State’s New Senator

Tobacco Fight Still Smoking

Pennsylvania and Maryland are going to North Carolina’s high court to get tobacco trust payments denied to the states’ tobacco growers. The states filed an appellate brief in the Supreme Court of North Carolina seeking to hold the nation’s largest tobacco companies accountable to the 1999 National Tobacco Growers Trust Agreement.

Ad Industry Fights Tobacco Bill

Primary Market Quiet, Focus On Imperial Tobacco

Where there’s smoke there are taxes

Raising taxes in California these days is extraordinarily difficult.

FDA law could affect punitive and equitable tobacco claims