Daily Archives: June 22, 2009

China raises tobacco tax to curb smoking

China has raised taxes on tobacco by six to 11 percent in an effort to pad state coffers and curb smoking in the world’s largest cigarette market, according to the government and state press.

Banning tobacco use in parks

Norman scholar focuses on tobacco law

Michael Givel has found a faraway ally in his fight against tobacco: the Asian kingdom of Bhutan.

Oregon Lawmakers Refuse To Raise Taxes On Tobacco

Political leaders in Oregon don’t want to raise taxes on beer and tobacco because they don’t want to increase the tax burden on “working class people” in these tough economic times. Because we all know it’s just the rubes who like beer and tobacco.

Advertising, marketing and manufacturing of tobacco products

Unlikely Partners in a Cause

Late last week, just after the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to give the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over the deadliest legal product known to man — cigarettes — Steven C. Parrish sent an e-mail message to David A. Kessler.
Yes, I know: it sounds like a perfectly ordinary exchange after the passage of a piece of legislation. I’m sure hundreds of people who were part of the effort to regulate tobacco over the years sent one another similar messages.

Tobacco companies changed design of cigarettes without alerting smokers

Indonesia May Complain to WTO About U.S. Tobacco Legislation

Big Tobacco down but not snuffed out