Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

Alternative cigarette raises concerns

By just rubbing the gel in one’s hands, one will be able to experience having a cigarette within 30 seconds.

Congress stands up to ‘Big Tobacco’

Little Tobacco should be taxed equitably

If not immediately, then sometime soon Mississippi legislators need to plug a hole that gives plug tobacco, other forms of tobacco and off-brand cigarettes an unfair pricing advantage.

New fees for tobacco, parking and more

Guys who watch their pennies when choosing smokeless tobacco, lobbyists (and other visitors) who have found Capitol-area parking fines a bargain and callers who like prepaid wireless plans listen up: Texas lawmakers left you a bill the last time they left town.

FG Bans Fresh Investment in Tobacco

Tobacco industry experts weigh in on the new law

He is an agricultural economist at North Carolina State University and provides economic analysis and educational programming for tobacco and peanut producers. Brown has worked with the tobacco industry and health advocates to understand factors that affect the demand for tobacco products.

The FDA’s tobacco road

For most of the last 15 years, the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to regulate tobacco has been either a thwarted promise or a fitful threat, depending on your point of view.

Congress Should Take Stronger Steps Toward Eliminating Tobacco Use In Military Populations

Obama’s Long Road to Recovery

With the signing of some of the strongest anti-tobacco legislation ever this week, the media has taken a keen interest — some say too keen an interest — in President Obama’s own history with cigarettes. In fact, this is not a new development; the media has almost had an obsession with what seems like the Achilles’ heel of a supremely self-assured and self-controlled man. Of course, Obama’s vague and ever-changing answers — a direct result of his difficulty kicking the habit — only served to pique the media’s interest. Here’s a look back at what he’s said about his addiction through the years.