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Obama’s Long Road to Recovery

With the signing of some of the strongest anti-tobacco legislation ever this week, the media has taken a keen interest — some say too keen an interest — in President Obama’s own history with cigarettes. In fact, this is not a new development; the media has almost had an obsession with what seems like the Achilles’ heel of a supremely self-assured and self-controlled man. Of course, Obama’s vague and ever-changing answers — a direct result of his difficulty kicking the habit — only served to pique the media’s interest. Here’s a look back at what he’s said about his addiction through the years.

New US Law Targets Tobacco Use by Kids

Latest Federal Tobacco Control Act would hurt state treasuries

Hills businesses deal with uncertain status of state’s smoking law

South Dakota voters apparently will decide whether to extend a smoking ban to bars, Deadwood casinos and state video lottery establishments.

New Mexicans react to federal tobacco bill

Mixed Views on New U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Retail Program

The ability for convenience retailers to execute category management principles in the other tobacco products (OTP) section as they see fit for their stores in their regions is one factor the industry often attributes to providing the segment’s stellar growth in the last several years.

Pub plans to make tobacco history

A 17th century pub near where Sir Walter Raleigh is rumoured to have first smoked a pipe of tobacco is to run a stop-smoking course.

Regulate Tobacco

City Proposes Antismoking Signs at Cash Registers