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Delaware receive $2 million from tobacco industry

Cut Rate Tobacco grand opening

Organizations Plan for Tobacco-Free Basin

Greeks, Europe’s Heaviest Smokers, Try New Ban on Smoking

U.S. orders warning on Pfizer, Glaxo smoking drugs

A heavier cost to lighting up

Pubs are reeling from smoke ban as habits change

THE ban was guaranteed to change the smoking industry for better or for worse when it was introduced two years ago. Jo O’Donnell has met with doctors and landlords to see how the rules have affected smoking – and drinking – habits across the North East

The Taliban and Tobacco

/0Tumman Khan is a poor, aging farmer who tills another man’s land in the restive northern tribal belt of Pakistan. For him and others in the Khyber Agency region, Sahib Ayub Afridi is considered an angel. The illiterate 70-year-old tribal leader finances construction of water pumps, streets and lighting, builds mosques and madrasahs, and supports the penniless and widowed.

When Cracking Down Seems Impossible