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People are hyped up by exaggerated menaces of cigarettes

Anti-smoking advocates and health freaks keep throwing the dust in people’s eyes, tazing them about cigarettes, secondhand smoke hazards and pushing for comprehensive smoking bans.

Stamping Out Cigarette Butt Litter

Pittsburgh’s streets. like many city streets, are littered with cigarette butts. They fill the cracks between the sidewalks, the grates under century-old trees, the gutters before a storm. They’re on a corner in Oakland, surrounding a bus shelter Downtown, in front of a South Side bar, and in parks and playgrounds around the city. With trashcans and sand-filled urns just steps away, cigarettes are stubbed into the ground without consideration or understanding of how that piece of trash will pollute the health and stability of Pittsburgh’s people and natural resources.
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Yelm businesses fail tobacco compliance checks

Thurston County Public Health and Social Services recently conducted federally mandated Synar tobacco compliance checks at 26 tobacco retailers around Thurston County, which resulted in a 73 percent compliance rate.

States Look To Cigarettes To Bridge Budget Gaps

So-called sin taxes are always popular in a recession, and this year is no different.

Lobbyists want pricier tobacco

Tobacco companies have been warned they are treading a fine line after reports of price wars.

Health experts want Oklahomans’ tobacco use cut

A new state plan asks Oklahomans to help reduce a leading cause of death by cutting tobacco use rates to below the national average by 2012.

Poll shows broad support for tobacco tax increase

More than seven out of 10 California voters support a $1.50-per-pack increase in the state cigarette tax as a way to narrow the state’s budget deficit, according to poll results released Tuesday.

Effects of tobacco ad ban not yet felt

Die-hard Cypriot smokers must stub out by Jan 1