Daily Archives: July 11, 2009

Despite Threats On All Sides, Tobacco Growers Hold On

Although they’re being taxed, legislated and harassed out of business, Lancaster County tobacco growers seem to be holding their own. Much of the area’s crop has been sold in recent years to Lancaster Leaf and Philip Morris, both of which have cut back on the amount of tobacco they’ve contracted to buy for the 2009 crop.

North Dakota Seeks to Increase Taxation, Control of Tobacco

orth Dakota is expected to soon join the ranks of governments that are risking the ruination of industries by over taxing and over regulating them, says the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association about the state’s plans to control tobacco use.

Obama Addicted to More Than Tobacco?

President Obama has been likened to Jimmy Carter when it comes to lack of leadership skills and wrong headed liberalism.

Will Pentagon Ban Tobacco Use in the Military?

Health experts at the Pentagon want a ban on the sale and use of tobacco in the military, USA Today reports.